Synthesis and Design Workshop: Principles for the equitable design of digitally-distributed, studio-based, STEM learning environments

This is a post from Jill Castek of the University of Arizona about a collaborative interdisciplinary workshop held at the UA’s Biosphere outside of Tucson, AZ.  Be sure to click on the included link to view the slide show that provides more detail.

The Synthesis and Design Workshop dovetails with work on digital equity and inclusion in the digital world. Our efforts to convene this workshop was centered on, *HOW DO WE DESIGN Innovations in Learning for THE FUTURE with inclusive principles at the core of Cyberlearning?*

We designed the workshop with four outcomes in mind: (1) serve to advance knowledge regarding critical gaps and opportunities (2) identify and characterize models of collaboration, networking, and innovation that operate within and across STEM education, (3) improve our understanding of effective practices for generating sustained interest and success in STEM fields, and (4) synthesize evidence to inform the effective uses of technologies and design principles for establishing and assessing effective, inclusive environments.

We’re sharing a brief overview of our project in these few slides as a means of prompting dialogue, connections, and critique that will help push our thinking forward as we continue to craft our white-paper and final report for the National Science Foundation that summarize efforts we’ve undertaken.  These efforts pave the way forward for sustained efforts that bring together research and practice communities.

On behalf of our whole team at the University of Arizona, we thank you for the opportunity to share our thinking and we welcome continued conversations, connections and partnerships that will push this work forward and increase its impact.  You can connect through Twitter @jillcastek

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