21st Century Learning Ecosystem Opportunities Research Project

We are pleased to announce a new project led by Kathy Harris, Applied Linguistics faculty at Portland State in Portland, OR.  Co-investigators include Jill Castek of the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ, Jen Vanek of WorldEd in Minneapolis, MN, and Gloria Jacobs of Portland State and University of Arizona.

The new project, entitled 21st Century Learning Ecosystems Opportunities (21CLEO), is a $750,000, three-year grant from the Walmart Foundation. The purpose of the project is to study the 21st century learning ecosystem of adults employed in frontline service work. The national research team will explore the barriers and incentives to participation in employer-provided education as well as other learning opportunities, with a focus on digital literacies and digital access. An important goal of the research is to amplify the voices of frontline service workers.

The progress of the research will be shared via the 21CLEO blog, hosted by WorldEd.  We will be cross-posting on the DLAERHub blog.

We are excited about this new project and hope you will follow our progress and contribute your thoughts via comments on the 21LCLEO blog.

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