The Learner Path

The research indicated that participants share a common learner path as they begin acquiring digital literacy. They go through a period of goal setting and discovery. Once they begin working with a tutor, successful learners tend to experience pivotal moments that set them up for success. The learners complete their journey with a growing set of skills and a new sense of independence that includes the confidence to explore on their own, the willingness to experiment as a way to learn, and expanding their knowledge of where to turn to for help when needed. Along the way, learners discover new challenges and opportunities in the digital world. How these moments unfold, however, varies according to the needs of the learner and the context within which they are learning.The Learner Path brief describes the steps learners took as they acquired digital literacy, including key moments of transition.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. What process have you seen learners move through as they acquire digital literacy skills? How might the findings we set forth in this brief help you continue thinking about ways to serve your population of learners?


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